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I believe that what we eat does make a difference. Practicing love and compassion can include every detail of life, right down to the food I put in my mouth. This website is my way of sharing how wonderful vegan food can be, the health benefits I am rewarded with because of being vegan, and of course to promote a little peace in this world.

I had been a vegetarian for nearly 10 years before making the switch to veganism. What held me back? Simply put, it was cheese. Yep, I was one of those people who said “I could never live without cheese, I love it so much!” Wow…so why couldn’t I stop eating it? Hmmm, so that is the question. I truly believe it is because of food addiction. It’s something that we are seeing more in the media these days, but still not enough. For too many years I ate the Standard American Diet (SAD) and suffered the consequences. I gained weight, battled depression, had no energy, and experienced other health issues…including an auto immune disease called Guillain-Barre which left me temporarily paralyzed at age 18.

I experimented over the last several years with food and was able to slowly identify what caused unhealthy reactions in my body…the biggest offender was refined sugar, and the second was dairy products. Sadly it’s pretty much impossible to not eat sugar unless I make everything from scratch and can control what is put into the food. The same could be said for meat, dairy, and eggs, but that thankfully is a little bit easier...especially since there seems to be a true movement toward the vegetarian and vegan diet. Restaurants are more conscientious about their offerings, and will even gladly accommodate my request for a vegan meal. Since starting this journey I have lost 88lbs, and still have more to go. I have so much more energy that I walk 4 miles every single day. The vegan change has even trickled into other faucets of my life, making me strive to find inner balance. I am now keeping the stress monster at bay (not perfectly mind you) because it no longer holds power over me. I am starting to accept my failures, my mistakes, etc and move on. Hey it wouldn’t be life if we didn’t eff up from time to time. But the reality is… that it is ok. The sun will still shine tomorrow. These days I stop to admire it and soak it in and be present. Today after all is a gift.

Thanks for stopping by my site. I would love any feedback, ideas, etc you want to share.

Yours Truly Xoxox,