Fried Pickle Po’ Boys w/ Crunchy Slaw & Creamy Chipotle Sauce

Posted by Noelle on August 27th, 2012
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I have to confess that I am obsessed with fried pickles. I don't know how it all started, but here I am. One day while daydreaming about them (yes it's sad), it occurred to me... why aren't there any fried pickle sandwiches out there?!?! I'd been dying to create a Vegan Po' Boy and things fell quickly into place. I knew the pickles would need a heartier batter that was cornmeal based but that would make the pickles feel more substantial. So I combined my beer batter recipe with cornmeal and flavor hints of the south... oh yes I did! To make this sandwich a bit lighter and texturally more fun, I added a crunchy cabbage slaw and a creamy chipotle sauce. Pairing 2 of my favorite things, chipotles and fried pickles seemed like a brilliant idea 🙂 Turns out it was genius! Wow, this one is soooo good. This is awesome with a beer and would be amazing to munch on while watching a sports game or for folks like me, Antiques Roadshow. Hey I could start a new trend, vegan tailgating at antiques shows... or not. Anyways this sammy is a keeper. Make sure you get thicker sliced pickles, not the sad little wilty weird green ones that you find at the fast food joints, but nice thick sturdy pickles that will proudly wear their deep-fried beer and cornmeal batter coats. You're welcome.

Vegan Po' Boy

Vegan Fried Pickle Po' Boy


Cornmeal Beer Battered Pickles:

Crunchy Slaw:

Chipotle Sauce:

Remaining Ingredients:


Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Place a large wire cooling rack on top of a cookie sheet. In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients for the batter, whisking well. Add the beer and agave and whisk until smooth. The batter should be like thick pancake batter, if it's too thick add a little more beer. Let rest for 15 - 30 minutes. In the meantime drain the jar of pickles and lay them out in a single layer on multiple sheets of paper towels to dry, cover the tops and pat dry. Set aside. I usually start my oil at this point as it takes awhile to bring it to temperature. In a medium sauce pan with high sides, bring at least 2-3 inches of oil to 350 degrees, over med-high heat.

While the oil is coming to temperature, combine all the slaw ingredients in a medium bowl, tossing gently to combine. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside. In a small food processor add all the chipotle sauce ingredients except the olive oil. Process for a minute until smooth. Next, while the processor is still running, slowly drizzle in the olive oil until the sauce is emulsified and creamy, usually takes less than 30 seconds. Cover and set aside.

Once the oil is ready, dip 2-3 pickles at a time in the batter and carefully drop into the oil, let cook 30 seconds to a minute, until the bottom side is golden and then flip. Cook another 30 seconds to a minute and remove to the cooling rack. These cook really quick, by the time you get the 3rd pickle slice in you will be flipping the first one over. Cook this way in batches until at least half the pickles are cooked, then put rack in oven to keep them warm and continue with remaining pickles. Next it's time to assemble the sandwiches. Place the sliced tomatoes on the bottom half of the rolls, top with a little salt and fresh pepper, next add the pickles in a layer as shown in my pictures, then using your hands carefully pile on the slaw. Smear the cut side of the top half of the sandwich with sauce and assemble your beautiful Po' Boys. Cut them carefully in half and enjoy! Makes 4-6 small subs or 2-3 longer ones.

Vegan Po' Boy Sandwich

Fried Pickle Po' Boy with Slaw

Vegan Fried Pickle and Chipotle Sub