Dia Doce = Vegan and Allergen-Free Cupcake Heaven (Review)

Posted by Noelle on April 9th, 2012
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Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I am lucky enough to live in the area where the Dia Doce Cupcake truck decides to park and spread happiness one cupcake at a time. The best part is that Dia Doce is not just any cupcake truck… not only do they have your everyday person’s cupcakes (boring), they have vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, corn-free, soy-free, legume-free, etc… virtually allergen-free cupcakes. Holy Cow! No… Holy Cupcake!

The woman behind the cupcakes, Thais, is every bit as sweet and beautiful as her cupcakes. She recently went on Food Network’s show “Cupcake Wars” for their Girl Scout cookie episode. We watched with baited breath as in the very first round she decided to make a vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, corn-free, soy-free cupcake that was her version of the thin mint cookie. Now I have watched this show religiously and I know the judges have loved some vegan cupcakes, but I have never seen them love a gluten-free cupcake. They always make a comment that they can tell its gluten-free, etc and not in favorable way. So I was literally jumping out of my seat at her daring decision to make an allergen-free cupcake for the first round. With fingers and toes crossed we watched the judges as they tasted her cupcake… and they absolutely loved it! My family and I were jumping up and down with joy. She literally just told the world, or at least the small portion watching cupcake wars that a delicious vegan and allergen-free cupcake exists. At that moment I imagined kids with nut allergies and their parents shedding tears of joy. Thais and her Dia Doce cupcake truck won that entire episode, blowing away the competition. I am so proud of her for not taking the easy route and making all regular cupcakes, but for taking the risk for all of us with special dietary needs.

So my family and I have eaten many Dia Doce cupcakes, even when the cupcake truck itself did not exist yet and she was just the sweet woman offering her treats at local farmer’s markets. When the truck came, she already had built up quite a following. I know there have been times I have driven miles and miles in hopes to buy a vegan cupcake, but she was already sold out within 30 minutes of parking her truck. Now with her recent fame and success… the lines form and she sells out even quicker. Thank goodness she stocks some local stores so if I time it right, I get my cupcake fix. After she won the episode she was selling the packs of cupcakes from the show, I was desperate to get my hands on them…without much success. So I sent her a message and she was nice enough to set aside a vegan pack for me. You can see how pretty they are, did I mention yet that she only uses natural ingredients even for dying her frostings? I know, I love her too. They were all awesome. She changes her flavors regularly which makes it so much fun to keep trying her cupcakes. My all-time favorite was a banana chocolate chip cupcake, I still dream about it. The thing I love most about her cupcakes, is that unlike other gluten-free and even vegan cupcakes I have had that seem to overcompensate with sugar, her cupcakes are not too sweet, really letting the flavors shine through. So if you are ever in southeastern Pennsylvania, or even if you aren’t….check out Dia Doce. Support Thais and her efforts to bring sweets to everyone, without exception. You will taste the love in every bite. She’s on Twitter @DiaDoce and Facebook “Dia Doce”. Here’s her website: http://www.diadoce.com

Peace 🙂